Best Apple Products 2022

Here we have listed some of the best apple products that one can have in 2022. Season of new already is there and we all are waiting for the big event. Before moving further let’s first have a glance at Apple inc.

Apple Inc. Is an American multinational technology company. It is the largest IT Company with a revenue of $274.5 billion in the year 2020. Since, January of 2021, it is the world’s most valued company with the fourth-largest PC vendor by unit sales. It was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 and was incorporated as Apple Inc. in 1977.

After going public in 1980, apple started to succeed financially. It launched new computers which featured innovative graphic user interfaces. With the massive improvement in the product line, its price also skyrocketed which brought some internal clashes, resulting in Steve Wozniak leaving apple with an amicable settlement. It has come a long way to become the brand it is today. Here we will find some best apple products that apple fans were must-have.

Apple Company has single-handedly dominated the market Brand. Obsession of people, especially the young ones over the brand has helped Apple attain the most valuable brand in the world and despite the rapid relaunch of new models with extremely high prices, people still prefer to buy it. The brand marketing of Apple is done such that it has convinced people that owning it is the recognition of someone who has better brand understanding and is doing quite well financially. iPhone is one of the most preferred brands around the globe.

Some of the best apple products to own if you are an Apple brand fan.

The loyal fans of the Apple brand, who have been constantly using Apple items can relate to the context of the best apple products. There are few apple products that every loyal brand customer wishes to have in their possession. Despite being one of the most expensive brands, Apple has maintained the capacity to lure its customers again and again. The major component is its recognition throughout the world as the best supplier of electronics.

Before we move on let me inform you that it’s already September and the month of new apple products. This means the newer will get some better and advanced features, there is no doubt about that. So the upcoming Apple iPhone 14 or Apple iPad get upgraded and that will be definitely the first choice for Apple fans.

Latest iPhone 13 Pro: 

In the list of best apple products is the latest apple iPhone 13 pro, Well if this isn’t one of the most preferred apple brands, then what is? Released in September 2021, iPhone 13 Pro is the latest and the most preferred brand of Apple. It weighs around 204g and is 7.7mm thick.


iPhone 13 series has a gorilla glass front and stainless steel frame with a dual sim system. The latest iPhone 13 (pro & Max)  is water and dust-resistant. It consists of a Dual-LED dual-tone flash, face ID, compass, barometer, accelerometer, natural Siri command, and fast charging ability.

Price: iPhone 13 Pro: Rs. 1,74,900 (Get on EMI)

iPad Air:

The new iPad Air launched in 2020 is one of the best apple products you have. Despite being launched in the competitive market, this was able to stand out from other renowned brands like Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung. If you already are an apple user you may as well know what makes it different from the rest, but if you are not the following description shall help you be enlightened. It is one of the best apple products in the tablets segment with lightweight and portable.


iPad Air has a sleek modern design along with processing power and durable battery life. The iPad Air has a liquid retina of 10.9 inches. It has an A14 Bionic chip that offers fast graphics performance allowing users to have split tablet screens for multiple apps. It further has a 12-mega pixel camera with the low-light facetime camera performance. This iPad also includes a headphone jack, so that’s another bonus to its beauty.


Apple iPad Air 64 GB              = Rs. 1,10,000 (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Apple iPad Air 256 GB            =Rs. 1,05,000 (wi-fi)

MacBook Air:  Best in the Lightweight laptop category

The latest MacBook Air is the thinnest, and lightest notebook which beats almost every brand notebook. It has a very powerful M1 processor, long battery life, and a trackpad and keyboard. The M1 processor delivers 60% more power than its older version.


 Powered by M1 silicon, it offers 3.5x faster CPU performance. It has an 8-core CPU that delivers 5 time’s faster graphics and 9x faster Machine learning.  It has a 13.3-inch retina display for realistic visuals. Its battery is made from lithium polymer and lasts upto18 hours.  It has a 720p facetime HD camera.

Price: Apple MacBook Air 8/256 GB = Rs. 160,000.00

Apple MacBook Air 8/512 GB = Rs. 1,92,000.00

Apple Air pods Pro:

Apple air pods have become one of the most preferred wireless earbuds among young people. It is comparatively more expensive than the rest but the sound quality it has is underrated.  These air pods have noise cancellation and water-resistance features due to which they stand out as best amongst others.


Water-resistant and noise-canceling air pods pro have a tendency to last 4-4.5 hours daily. \it has multiple recharges which makes it easier to carry anywhere regardless of distance. It is easy to pair and allows Transparency mode if the person wants to be aware of their surroundings.


Apple Air pods = Rs. 39,500/-

Few other popular products of  Apple brands are  listed below:

  1. The high-end Apple TV 4K.
  2. Lightning charging cable.
  3. Apple Music app.
  4. iMac

These are also apple’s best products for apple lovers to have in their homes.

Every year iPhone releases a new phone product as the booking starts from the announcement day itself. Despite the extremely expensive, it seems to be equally, if not more favored by the people. iPhone has its own functions which are different from any kind of android system.

In the case of android, you may buy Samsung or MI, Nokia, Vivo, or any renowned android brand, you won’t find much difference in the system setting and facilities which is completely different in the case of iPhone. iPhone has its own air pods available, it can be charged only through iPhone chargers, the camera quality is amazing, it hardly ever experiences malfunctioning, and it gives users I-Cloud services. Apple mostly targets high-profile peoples and have them as their users. Almost every celebrity and influencer that we find on social sites are using iPhone and Apple brand which sparks viewers’ interest in it.

Having these many qualities, other brands seem to lack behind Apple. There is no doubt that companies like Samsung, Google, and many more have updated to their finest and are still doing so yet it is a long journey for these brands to become what Apple has become and have competitive brand Value.

you can check these on apple’s official site

Which are your best apple products?

Share your thoughts and let us know which apple device is your favorite and why. Hope this list of best apple products gives you insight. You can have them from online saathi online shopping Nepal.

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