Best power bank brands in Nepal

Power banks are one of the most useful things when it comes to a portable power source. It can be a handy tool when you run out of batteries in your electronic devices. Coming from a country that once used to suffer a power outage of up to 18 hours a day, power banks can be considered as a ray of hope. Even in today’s world where we are surrounded by technologies and heavily dependent upon them, having a power bank in the collection of our gadgets seems most. 

Nepali Market is littered with power banks of different specifications and brands. To know a brand that provides the best power banks in Nepal is quite important as not every power banks brands provide reliable products. A market where many brands exist providing too good to be true power banks price in Nepal, you can be dragged towards it just to get played on. 

So, today in this post, we are listing out some of the best brands of power bank brands you can find in Nepal.


Starting our list is not just the best brand here in Nepal but arguably the best brand around the world when it comes to power banks. Anker is a Chinese electronics company based in Shenzhen Guangdong China and is known for producing products like chargers, earbuds, speakers, power banks, and other mobile and computer peripherals. Anker provides one of the most reliable and powerful power banks to the Nepali market. The price for Anker Power banks differs from its specification of different models. Usually, Anker power bank’s price in Nepal starts from Rs.2,500.


Second, on our list of the best power bank brands in Nepal is the Energizer one of the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world. Energizer is an American company that produces batteries and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the well-known brands of batteries you can expect a good power performance from the Energizer power banks. You can get an Energizer power bank at the starting price of Rs. 1,500 have a 4,000mah battery.


Remax is another famous technology accessory brand that also produces power banks and is from Hong Kong. Remax is a well-known brand also in the Nepali market and their products are loved by the consumers. Remax offers reliable and good features in their products. From fast charging, good build quality, multiple ports to bigger battery capacity Remax offers it all. Remax power banks’ price in Nepal starts from Rs.1,500 and goes up with the increasing specifications.


Rapoo is another brand of power banks that produce the best quality products. Rapoo is a Chinese company that manufactures and sells products like keyboards, headsets, power banks, and other peripheral devices, and their headquarters is based in Shenzhen China. You can find Rapoo power banks starting from the price of Rs.3,000 in Nepal. Rapoo power banks provide fast charging, have bigger battery capacity, multiple charging ports, and mainly are a reliable brand when it comes to power banks.

Many smartphone companies like MI, Huawei, and many others have also been involved in the manufacturing of power banks and their products are available in the Nepali market. Their quality, features, and reliability also match the brands mentioned above. But when it comes to power banks solely, you should always consider these brands before any other brands of power banks available in Nepal. 

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