Working Here at Online Saathi

Online Saathi is one of the well-established E-commerce companies with the main vision of making our every day to day daily needs available herein our front door by swapping cards like a foreign nation. Within the one-year tenure of its establishment, it has satisfied almost its three thousand customers with EMI facilities, easy and fast shipment at a reasonable price, and a well-managed Customer Care System. As per the MD Mr. Mukesh Yadav, the main aim of establishing this company is to connect customers directly with Bank and pursue the advantages of banking facilities.

My Personal Experience as a Data Analyst at Online Saathi

Due to four months of stocking at Home in Lockdown by Covid-19. My days used to pass by getting up early in the morning, having breakfast, and joining PUBG games till lunch and again till dawn and dinner and sleep. I was totally in existential crisis due to the cancellation of my visa to Australia. 

But since I had just planned to join Online Saathi my all problems get solved because online Saathi gave me a good environment to enrolled my bored mind teaching me new and new ideas to face real-life challenges. It helps to keep my mind busy analyzing its data compared to the other three most popular E-commerce Websites ruling in Nepali Market. I am giving my full potential for the betterment of Online Saathi. 

Staffs working here are so friendly and they had a mutual understanding with each other which you can be sure of by just linking yourself with Online Saathi. They not only performed their allocated tasks but also help each other. If you are wishing to start up your working career like me, then you can simply join an Online Saathi company for your intern. I am sure you can enjoy full guidance from experienced sir and ma’am in the same field.

Xitiz Bisowakarma

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